Mock Test

Don’t go for your driving test if you havn’t taken our Mock Test !

On average a driving test will cost 102.00 pounds to the test candidate (62.00 pounds to DSA and 40.00 pounds to the driving instructor) so every time someone fails it cost 102 pounds.

 It is a lot of money at risk, you can reduce that risk by taking our mock test. At Road Matters Driving School we specialise in providing mock tests on real test routes and we mark on the same standards as DSA examiners.

Lots of times people ring us and say I can drive but I am not sure if I am ready for my driving test because my driving instructor does not carry out any mock driving tests.

At the end of the mock test we not only provide you with results but also provide feedback on how to improve faults. We would also explain which faults are minor  (known as driving faults), which are serious and which are dangerous faults and what is the difference between them.

By booking our mock test now you can save your  money from getting wasted as we will tell you if you are ready for your test or you need more practice.

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