Theory Test Preparation

In order to drive well one needs to have a sound knowledge of Road and safety procedures and signs. The Highway Code published by TSA is a top place to start with. If you are a learner driver you will need to pass your Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test before you could book your practical test.

According to DSA “The Highway Code is essential reading if you want to learn to drive or ride. Many of the rules in it are a legal requirement, which means you are breaking the law if you do not follow them” so take time out to read it. You can study Highway Code online
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You can Practice your Theory Test online
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Hazard Perception
On our website you can also watch some clips on Hazard Perception videos to help you equip better for your Theory Test
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The fee for Theory Test for car is GBP 31.00. Once you are confident with your Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test you can book your Theory Test online or by phone
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